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Once I looked into your eyes

And felt your kiss so sweet.
Once I held you in my arms.
You made my life complete.

I close my eyes and try to feel
Your touch that I adored.
My heart is whole, and my soul is healed,
But then I face the truth once more,

That I'm losing you, losing you.

Memories of what once was
Are bittersweet as rain.
If I'd never had your love
Then I wouldn't have the pain.

Though all the joy and heartache
Seems worth the price I paid,
How can I live without your love
For the rest of my days?

Now I'm losing you, losing you.

And maybe someday
I will think of you and say,
“Why did I need to feel this way?”
The ache will dull, the pain subside,
The darkness will wash away,
But now, all that I feel is the pain

Of losing you, losing you.

Once my life was full of love.
Now it's full of pain.
Once my heart was happy.
Will I ever smile again?

I'm losing you, losing you.

All music and lyrics written by Cathy Ford.
Copyright © 2014 Cathy Ford Music. All Rights Reserved.



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